Torera got born again at the tender age of 10, yet she knew that she was making what is yet the most important decision of her life. When she got to University, she took an active role in her campus fellowship, Believers’ Loveworld and through her efforts there, led many to Christ and was a member of the executive body, championing causes for the Lord Jesus. If there is anything Torera wanted the most, it was to be a part of a project that makes a remarkable difference in the lives of people.

She tried unsuccessfully to create a platform for emerging brands in fashion and photography where she had interest. After the frustration of never seeing it to fruition, she decided to take up journalism as a career stop gap. Although accidental, journalism has proven to be the career where she can and is making a notable difference.

Recently, she won the RTÉ/Thomson foundation mobile journalism award for her first documentary on the fight for education despite having no experience in filmmaking. With mobile filmmaking, Torera hopes to tell more stories of change, of love and of sacrifice and be the woman of wisdom and impact, the Lord called her to be when she was 10 years old. Torrera has a B.A in English from Babcock University and currently works for a women’s magazine, Genevieve.

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