Sinmi Aloa

Sinmi Aloa

Woman in Mission Award

Alao is an excellent lifestyle influencer, personal development coach, and human resources professional with over 17 years of experience. Sinmi’s passion is to see others become better versions of themselves as they achieve their life purpose. A passionate child development expert, Sinmi has been actively involved in humanitarian activities concerning children in insurgent Northern Nigeria. She has worked with over 15,000 young people and empowered more than 27,000 rural dwellers, mostly women and young people, in Africa, especially Nigeria. She is also a child welfare and development consultant.

She’s the founder and director of Solutions to Our Generation, A mission Organization committed to raising disciples of Christ through community developments and interventions, youth development and training, and rescue and intervention in religious crisis zones in Nigeria.

She is very involved in the rehabilitation of victims of terrorist and religious attacks in Nigeria and beyond. She pioneered temporary Schools for internally displaced children in northern Nigeria.

STOG’s mission is active in community development through Education advocacy, the provision of solar-powered boreholes to rural communities, the establishment of Community health clinics, and several empowerment programs for the last mile communities.

Sinmi Alao has pioneered several initiatives both locally and internationally, with great results and impact across the board. This includes;

  • She Is the director of Africa Returns,
  • The Living Water Project: Provision of boreholes with solar panels for rural communities in the last miles and communities that have been cut off due to communal and religious conflicts, therefore lacking basic necessities
  • Orphanages and Rescue Missions: 14-year-old homes for children who are victims of terrorism, insurgencies, and religious conflicts Catering for their total welfare and education; Raised 62 children, nine of whom are currently in higher education institutions, and three are university graduates.
  • Compassionate Community Africa, a community-driven impact project geared towards recognition, justice, and development for African rural communities by promoting inclusivity of marginalized communities (CCI),
  • Revamp the Street Child: A program for street children who have been deprived of childhood and left to fend for themselves “Revamped” over 270 underprivileged children up to university by placing them in schools and revamp centers, an after-school intellectual and moral club that provides one meal a day.
  • Adult literacy, Vocational Training, and Capacity Building for over 7000 adults and families in rural communities and those who have been displaced due to insurgencies
  • The EDGE training institute: Personal development through self-management and optimization training for young believers A certificate course afflicted with the business of a mission institute. The EDGE training has graduated over 280 young people, with skills and career mentoring still ongoing.
  • The Excellence Conference is an online conference held by her. Raising excellent-minded young people who will build platforms for kingdom expression through exceptional accomplishments in the marketplace
  • pioneered The Prayer Walk Nigeria, a prayer walk movement across 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. This started in 2018 and was greatly amplified by the END SARS Rallies across the Nation. Every year, there is a national prayer walk on the first Saturday in October.

The move of the Spirit and life-impactful teachings that accompany her ministry is very rare. The life-transforming experience of every young person who has been discipled and mentored by her is evident through many Generations. A woman of God’s presence, an Apostle to the nations, and a Missionary per excellence. A very conservative woman. She is committed to all that comes her way, and her expressions depict God’s move across different fields of ministry and life. A seasoned personal development coach and convener of Prayer Walk Nigeria, Ibadan City Praise, and several outreach outfits for students. Her capacity to keep people in God’s presence through depths of worship, The Word, and prayer is unique. She holds a BSC in Economics and an MSc in Human Resources Management.

MSc in personal relations,

She is a fellow of The Institute of Strategic Managers of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and a professional project manager (PMP). She holds a professional community health worker certification from the prestigious Harvard Medical School, and she’s presently on her way to obtaining a master’s in public health from a Prestigious university in the United Kingdom.

Sinmi Alao’s life is a life of excellence, expressing Jesus’ love and simplicity to this Generation.

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