Uchechi Nzerem Chinekemam is an International business woman, International product reviewer and CEO of Yousee Wholesale company . She serves as President of SuperMums . She is an exceptionally young and intelligent woman who has decided to help women all over the world speak out through the media under the platform of the SuperMums which is an avenue where mothers come together to help and support each other.

SMS’s and social media postings which has created lots of awareness in the media and attracted potential mums and mums as we share daily motivational, inspirational and Christian messages through the forum of the Supermums. Uchechi is a staunch Catholic family following the path she grew up in. She says the best role in her life is being a symbol of a true Christian mother in the lives of her kids. Uchechi says “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers.”

Uchechi is happily married to Mr Ray Chukwuma Chinekemam who is CEO and founder of Sunrise Juices and they are blessed with 3 boys together. Her husband is a rare specie that supports and encourages his wife to follow and establish her dreams.

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