Mrs. Dotun Akande, an Economist turned teacher is the Founder and Proprietress of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre in Lagos, a centre for individuals living with autism and advocates for early intervention for children that may present early behavioural signs. It was the first centre designed for individuals with Autism in Nigeria. She has started an innovative strategy designed to show that children with Autism have talent. Patricks had been a pillar of support to families struggling with the challenges of Autism in Nigeria.

Patricks’s annual show tagged Talent in Autism Concert’ is a concert and platform to exhibit and celebrate the unique talents and skills of children with autism, giving hope to families that had no hope in their children. We have also produced 3 films about the signs of autism and how families can access services.

For seven years Mrs. Akande and her team have witnessed children recover from the symptoms of Autism and become reintegrated into mainstream society. She is a wife and mother of 3 one of who has recovered from the claws of Autism.

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