Mrs. Nwani started Meadow Hall (MH) in 2002, with the vision to raise excellent and godly children, with 60 children and afew staff.

Today, the school, Has grown to include a secondary school, 1000 children & about 200 staff . MH Has birthed other subsidiaries, providing education at various levels including; MH Consult, a teacher training school providing consultancy services in the education sector.

Giving full scholarships to some street children in the community to attend MH College, Adopting some public schools in the community, where she donates books, furniture & other resources. Graduate Teacher Trainee Program where 30 fresh graduates who are passionate about teaching are selected yearly and trained free of charge, with hands on classroom experience for 3 months. She also pays them salaries and gives them lunch & after the training, she employs some of them based on staffing needs and secures job placements for the rest in other schools. Making MH affordable for staff children to attend by giving a 50% discount to staff children, enabling them to enjoy the high quality of education that their parents give. Apart from being the Executive Director of MH, Mrs Nwani as an assistant pastor is an active and committed member of her local church (RCCG City of David).

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