EVANGELIST TEMILOLU O. OKEOWO is an author, a lawyer, a certified forensics examiner and above all, a servant of God. She’s the Founder and President of Girls Club of Nigeria, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and its ministry arm, The Girls Apostolic Ministry of All Nations, aimed at imparting a positive change to the female folk for God.

In the last few years, she has been voluntarily disseminating the good news of sanctity of life, laying emphasis on and encouraging a chaste life while mentoring the younger female folk through five of the Nigerian leading newspapers:

Saturday Punch – (The Girls Club) Sunday Guardian – (Life Nuggets For Girls) ThisDay on Sundays – (Life Nuggets) The Nation on Sundays – (The Girls Club)The Western Post – (Temilolu’s Girls)

Temilolu has authored some bestselling books which have enjoyed media focus and reviews. While she was an undergraduate Law student, she authored her debut-book titled ‘The Beauty of Life’ which discusses the trials and triumphs of a girl growing up in a morally-decadent society and also has other publications to her credit including a free, Daily Devotional – Life Nuggets For Girls.

The hub of her message is preservation of virginity through sanctity of life made possible by the power of God’s grace. She also lays emphasis on spiritual intelligence as a weapon for a glorious life!

Along side evangelism, she has been involved in girl-child advocacy in all forms and this has taken her as far as the Council Chambers of the United Nations Headquarters, New York where she was opportune to rub minds with other girl-child advocates across the continents. Also under her care are distressed girls who have suffered from child sexual abuse.

As an evangelist to the core, she is engaged in outreach visits to various markets, remote and riverine areas preaching chastity to the female folk, besides her regular ministrations in churches and institutions within and outside the country.

She has dared dangers and despised risks in spreading the good news of Christ’s power of transformation by traveling in canoes and associating with slum dwellers, sharing pamphlets and tracts, and organizing Bible studies for the youth.

She is enthusiastic about God’s services with a heart ablaze with Christ’s love; and she proudly describes herself as an Amazon of God.

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