Aunt Landa as she is fondly called by both teenagers and adults alike is the host of two radio shows on 92.3 Inspiration Fm; BEING REAL WITH AUNTLANDA & SHARING LIFE ISSUES WEEKEND SPECIAL WITH AUNTLANDA.

She is also the Founder/ Servant-in-charge of Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation. A foundation that works with thousands of Sexually, Physically and Emotionally abused teenagers and Adults alike. Dr Yolanda’s Radio Shows have become a platform of hope and succour for the heartbroken and lost.

Aunt Landa works with a team of passionate volunteers and together they help redefine and add purpose to over 250,000 registered members with different needs and from various walks of life. Dr Yolanda is a graduate of Harvard Medical School; a Female fertility specialist and has a Doctorate in Child Psychology among others. Her love for God is seen daily as she helps the heart-broken on and off the radio with her “special formula”; a pinch of care, a dash of love and a whole lot of God.

Over The Years However The Foundation Has Grown In Members And Needs Giving Birth To Other Projects Like; Auntlanda’s Widow’s Wardrobe (Aka Jesus Wives), Auntlanda’s Free Medical Wednesdays, Auntlanda’s Free Vocational Training, Auntlanda’s Rape / Suicide Watch, Auntlanda’s Ability In Disability Projects, Open House Counseling, Free Legal Advice And Representation, Fund Raising For Medical And Educational Bills Among Others.

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