Chinyere Anokwuru is a grassroots reformer and a transformational leader with over ten years experience working in the rural and urban communities to reduce hunger and poverty with a major focus on women and vulnerable girls.

She is the founder of Selfworth Organization For Women Development, an NGO seeking to alleviate the lowest form of hunger and poverty through skills-acquisition, capacity building and financial inclusion; access to finance through mobile technology.

Until may 29th 2015 she held the position of the Senior
Special Assistant to the Governor of Lagos state on women mobilization and Empowerment.

Chinyere is a poverty alleviation consultant, Women empowerment expert, respected community leader, life coach and an accomplished facilitator and trainer.
She overcame significant odds and a difficult situation to become an exceptional example of what an oppressed woman can achieve through the unfailing grace of God and sheer determination.

She understands that many women and girls experience the same hardships that she faced for three reasons: lack of funds, lack of education or skill and social customs. Following her belief that education and the economic empowerment of women is key in nation building and in maintaining home balance, she birthed Selfworth Organization For Women Development and MultiDreams international as platforms for the continous education and empowerment of women.

She has had significant success in developing a Micro lending scheme that empowers women to break cycles of poverty and become financially independent.
She is also the author of the best selling book “Who Says You Can’t”.

Widely recognized as a key player in improving the socio-economic conditions of women and girls and for her role in making a difference in their lives, she has been honoured with various awards, chiefly among
them is the Outstanding Achievement Award given by Life Changers Foundation; United Kingdom and award for selfless service given by the Mothers Of the Nation.

She has partnered with Lagos state government and other private organisations to reach out and empower the economically challenged women and girls in the state.

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