Chinyere Anokwuru is an empowerment Specialist,  a poverty alleviation expert, a  grassroots reformer, an author and a multi- award winning advocate for the economic empowerment of women.

She is the founder of Selfworth Organization For Women Development,  a non governmental organisation that seeks to eliminate the lowest form of poverty, hunger and domestic violence by empowering rural and urban slum women, particularly widows with free professional training in different income generating skills.

Her organisation also provides the benefiaries of the free skills acquisition training with grants specifically targeted for the purchase of the necessary equipment they need for their business start up thereby breaking barriers and generational cycles of poverty.

Her organisation invests in local women to help them acquire life skills and start up small businesses to help ease the conflict between work and family responsibilities – one of the many reasons for women’s economic inequality and domestic violence.

She is a transformational leader with over fifteen years experience working in the rural and  urban communities in Nigeria to reduce domestic violence, poverty and create wealth with a major focus on vulnerable widows.

Chinyere has impacted and empowered over five thousand women in different communities in Nigeria with skills and tools needed to succeed in their businesses in order for them to live dignifying lives.

She believes that in order to end extreme poverty, domestic violence in homes and extreme violence across the country, local economic development activities must be strengthened by encouraging economic activities at the local level which can be achieved by empowering those at the bottom of the pyramid particularly low income women with vocational trade skills and tool kits that is necessary for their economic survival.

Chinyere overcame significant odds herself and a difficult situation to become an exceptional example of what an oppressed woman can achieve through the unfailing grace of God and sheer determination. From struggling to make ends meet, losing a child to poverty but determined to make something meaningful out of her life, Chinyere soldiered on to become a senior special assistant to the former governor of Lagos State.

Chinyere Anokwuru is the Chief Executive Officer of Multidreams International Limited, a company that represents different foreign manufacturers and deals on the sales and distribution of hair extensions in Nigeria.

She is an alumna of the Enterprise Development Centre of the Lagos business school where she holds a certificate in Social Sector Management.

Chinyere is a certified Empowerment Coach and trainer and holds a certificate of training from the Imagine Institute, USA.

Widely recognized as a key player in improving the socio-economic conditions of women and girls, her commitment to helping others has earned her different awards both locally and internationally.

In July 2021, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; President Muhammad Buhari, appointed Chinyere Anokwuru as a Honourable Board Member of the Federal Housing Authority, Nigeria.

Chinyere intends to make a difference in the NGO sector in Nigeria, by creating, developing and implementing sustainable poverty alleviation projects that promotes the upliftment and empowerment of women and girls.

Her core belief is that Women are an integral part of every thriving society.

In accordance with this belief, Chinyere has dedicated her life to mentoring, coaching, and empowering low income women to accomplish their life’s goals.

Chinyere Anokwuru lives with her family in Lagos Nigeria.


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